Thursday, September 27, 2012

Oh! My Aching...?

I don't have any aches to complain about!   ?!
Usually it is the headaches or the neck pain or something else but today I'm fine.
I'm not certain if it's the chiropractic care that I have been receiving for the past 2 weeks (I hope it is because it's costing and arm and a leg and a big toe too!) but I'm feeling ache free.  WhoopDiDoo!

My husband, so tired of my "alleged" grumpiness, made me see a chiropractor.  Now I really did not want to go anywhere that meant taking away beading time while adding on commute time but I agreed to give this a shot.  If I go the entire month without a headache, I'll be ready to claim that chiropractic care works for me.  But me...grumpy?  Never!

Beaded Leaves

Thank you Jamie at ChatterBlossom, for encouraging me to continue my bookmarks and suggesting leaf designs.  I'm enjoying beading up various kinds of leaves such as the fern leaf and Russian style leaf, above.

Sporty Charms

My intention was to bead volleyballs for my daughter's team but I managed only 1 before I got distracted by the soccer ball.  I like that I can make circular shapes with the angular beads.

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