Monday, September 10, 2012

Exploiting My Teddy Bear

Like many children, when I was little, I had a favorite Teddy Bear that would keep me company whenever I wanted it's company.  I confess that my Teddy Bear may have been forgotten and neglected at times but this bear was my favorite toy.  Teddy Bear's name was My Yellow Teddy (MYT) but his color eventually faded to a light beige.  Teddy was pilled and ratty.  I exploited Teddy's cuddliness to the fullest extent.  One day, many weeks...months...years (?) later, I realized MYT was not around anymore and I was sad.  I don't know when My Yellow Teddy actually left me and no one else seemed to know either.  I probably left MYT outside and he went on an adventurous, exciting space journey (so I'd like to imagine).

I still think of My Yellow Teddy and with fond memories, I created this charm of him in his older, beige years, before he boarded his flight.

Bead Woven Teddy Bear

Announcer on Intercom at Pizza Planet:  Before your space journey, re-energize yourself with a slice of pepperoni, now boarding at counter threeToy Story