Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Razorback Pattern on Sale

Peyote Stitch Razorback
Once upon a time a favorite customer of mine requested a beaded image of a ferocious sports mascot.  From that inspiration, the Razorback was created and it has become the most requested charm in my shop. A few days ago, I received an inquiry for the pattern of the Razorback and after some consideration, I have made the pattern available for others to use.  I have released other patterns on my blog for free but because this red hog is so special to me, I am charging a minimal fee for it's use.  It's the first pattern I'm selling and it is available in PDF form.  The pattern does not include instructions - just a bead legend and a "bead by number" graph (courtesy of BeadTool4); therefore, it is made for those who already know the basics of peyote or brick stitch bead weaving methods.  If you would like to learn these stitching methods, here are great videos to get your started.

*How to Ladder Stitch - to start a base row for your brick stitch.
*How to  Brick Stitch
*How to Odd Count Peyote Stitch
*How to Even Count Peyote Stitch 

These kind of special requests gives me an opportunity to experience something new so I am very thankful to all of my customers and readers who nudge me to try something that I may hesitant be to do on my own. Great Big Hugs to you!  The Razorback pattern is available for purchase here.

With that said,  I'd like to show you a charm I made using Miyuki Delica beads, now available at Ben Franklin Crafts.  I've always wanted to work with delica beads but never had a place to run to if I needed a particular color.  I'm glad I can now make a stop to the craft store in my neighborhood.

Black Cat, Miyuki Delica Beads

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