Friday, August 24, 2012

I Love Your Smile!

You made my headache go away with your kind comments!  You're my medicine.

  • Thank you for participating in my "I Love Your Smile" game.  I am having a fabulous time connecting with you through your visits and your wonderful feedback. However, because I'm a bit scatter-brained when I multi-task, I've decided to use my precious quiet time to concentrate on preparing my shop for the holidays and get to work so the giveaway will end this month.

    Please continue to stop by and say "hello!"  You will have until the end of August to add to your entries by commenting on my blog posts.  I'll throw the top 5 names into one of those random contest pickers.  Each of you will have a chance to receive something.  Each comment is worth one entry.

    Now that you helped me to get rid of my headache, I'll have some fun today.  Have a great day as well!

    Showing you my yellow daisy earrings.  I just hung it on the blinds so I could take a quick photo.  By bunching up the beads along the edges, a ruffle is created to make it look like petals.  The titanium ear wires are great for those with ear sensitivity to nickel.  When I wear these earrings, I forget I have them on because it's light weight and my ears don't itch.

    I made these earrings because my kids say I look "kooky" with animals dangling from my earlobes.