Friday, August 3, 2012

I Love Your Smile!

Yesterday I wrote names on a zillion crayons and sharpened No. 2 pencils until my fingers became calloused.  We have those cheap sharpeners that break off the tip and eat up the pencils so my kids are going back to school with the cutest, mini pencils. I'll be sad to have the house so quiet but I have you to make me smile!

Here is the top 5 on the grin list.  My hugs go out to you!

July's appreciation gift has left the mailbox and it's going to Eva.  I know Eva has been really busy lately but she still found the time to greet me on my blog.  This is what I made for Eva.  I hope she likes it!

(The gray striped washi tape on the cardstock came to me as a gift from Joy, Joy of Crafting.  I love the tape so much that I'm really stingey with it and it's lasted me a long time.)

Next month I'm going to change it up a little by putting the top 5 names in a random contest picker.  The number of times you comment will be the number of times your name is entered.  I'm also going to let you choose your gift from my shop so you can get what you want.

Thanks again everyone!  Have a wonderful day and enjoy your weekend!