Thursday, August 9, 2012

Envelope Exchange

This summer I participated in the Elevated Envelope's "artistic pen pal project".  I decided to exercise the creative side of my brain and do something different by engaging myself in a form of art that was new to me.  I had to decorate and send snail mail with minimal use of my computer *gasp*!

This is the envelope I created by tracing over the computer printed words (yes, a little cheat with penmanship) and transferring images to packaging tape for the colorful images.

Using the "Sweets" theme, I enclosed a recipe for Guri-Guri and included beaded ice cream cones.

My pen pal from Germany sent me this beautiful hand stitched envelope of the Phoenix constellation.  Look at those tiny stitches.  She put so much heart into her envelope!

...and the letter, oh my gosh! I will share a little passage of what was written because it is so precious!
When we look at stars, we are seeing them as they were when the light that left them reaches us - not as they truly are at that moment.  In a similar process, a letter is made, then goes on a journey before reaching the person who sees it.  This person then has a little window into the letter writer's past - it's basically time travel!
Time!  I will definitely look at letter writing in a different way now.

If you would like to find out how you can join in on the next Elevated Envelope exchange and receive correspondence just as amazing as the one I got, the information is right here.

Have a fun day!