Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I was surrounded by rotting, stinking, mushy white rice.  The smell was extremely horrible.  It made me cough and gag.  Then, I woke up. Sleeping next to me with her muzzle next to my face was my little doggy...geez, brush your teeth!

After moving my bad breath pooch to her own space, I went back to bed.  I realized this time I could not smell anything.  It was drizzling outside but I could not smell the refreshing rain.  I could not smell the Downy on my blanket.  I could not smell the crispy pages of my book.  Did that also mean I would not be able to taste anything too?  I began to panic and could not take a breath.  If my nose was not working properly, did that mean I would not be able to breath through it as well?  Then, I woke up.  I lifted my hand to my nose and could smell the Vaseline hand lotion that I had rubbed on it earlier.  Whew!

This morning I got out of bed grateful for my sense of smell.  I did an internet search and found out that the inability to perceive odors is called Anosmia.  A lesson learned in a dream.

A bit too wordy for Wordless Wednesday?

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