Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sea Star Earrings

These are little turquoise Sea Stars that I made into earrings using the new titanium ear wires that I purchased from HC Supplies on Etsy.  Having very sensitive ears myself, I decided to get these titanium ear wires so I could wear the earrings I make without causing me to have puffy red earlobes.  This Sea Star earrings are a little pricier than the rest of the items in my shop because of the extras that include the ear wires, fresh water pearls and gift box but it is still priced under $10.  If you're mailing to an Oahu address, remember that you have free shipping with the SHIPOAHU coupon code.  And, if you're a return customer, you have a 10% discount with your TENOFF coupon code. So...let these Echinoderms adorn your ears.  

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(Update: Oh Egads! I just deactivated this listing because there is another sea star earring set being sold on Etsy that looks strikingly similar to my earrings.  I guess the sea star design is common with the Herringbone stitch.  These earrings will be dangling from my ears.)

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