Thursday, July 19, 2012


One word you will often hear in our home is, "Patience!"

"Patience!" I exclaim to the kids.
"Patience!"  My husband scolds me.
"Patience!" The kids grumble to each other.
"Patience!"  We tell the pets.

Being patient is a characteristic that I am still working on.  Each time I bead, I practice being patient.  I force myself to take things slow and be careful. I enjoy seeing my bead work take shape and result into a completed piece with no mistakes. Rushing through the process may mean doom and bitter sadness.  Oh I exaggerate!  I just throw a hissy fit!

Learning the Herringbone stitch is a lesson in patience.  Thinking I had the fortitude to complete a Herringbone stitch bracelet, I started this project:

I am sad to say that this is as far as I will get.  I don't like how the beads are lining up and the unshapely curves.  Maybe if I continue along, I will begin to see something that I like but I am impatient!  I know I will not pick this up again.  It sits in the junk corner of my work space, unloved and unwanted.

I am happy to say that I started work on a smaller piece (to see quicker results) and successfully followed through with it.  Here is my Herringbone stitch sea star in Peyote stitch water.  I put it on a cell phone strap with an alphabet charm (brick stitch, by the way) and will be giving it to a friend.

Patience!  Do you have it?


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