Friday, July 27, 2012

I Love Your Smile!

(image: Haruna / zeimusu) 
Thanks again for your lovely smiles that brighten my day!  Here is the list of my blogging buddies with cheeks that hurt from smiling too much.  Please click on the names below because each person has a web site/blog full of fun and creativity!

  • On Friday, August 3, I'll let you know who will receive the July "I Love Your Smile" appreciation gift.  You have until the end of this month to move your name up on the Smile Point list just by commenting on my blog posts. The points reflect the number of comments you have made over the last 30 days (so it's not a static list).  Points are updated on the bottom right hand of my blog but only the top 5 are shown.

    Thanks you so much for bringing sunshine to my day!

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