Monday, July 2, 2012

An Ice Cream Summer

One of my favorite desserts, any time of the year, is ice cream.  I normally I go for something with a coffee flavor or with chocolate but I'll try almost anything.  Lately my kids and I have been indulging in the chocolate dipped cones at McDonalds because we are doing a very important research project.  At each location that we buy a cone, we evaluate the "dip".  The best dipped ice cream is fully covered with chocolate with no chocolate or melting ice cream running down the side and of course, the cone must look pretty.  It's a good thing that the winner, so far, is the location nearest to our home.

To celebrate our fun summer months, tasty ice cream and my blog supporters, I made this bead woven summer ice cream charms.

I will be sending a free beaded cone from this ice cream collection to Creations by Shirl and Eva because, for the month of June, they often took the time to leave me happy comments.  FYI, Eva sneaked in at the last moment to give Shirl some competition but because they are both so great, I'm sending each one a charm.  You can find out how you can get a gift too by being my top commentator.  The next announcement will be made in July.  If you want to purchase one of these charms, it is available in my shop, Handmade + Cute.

Thank you for stopping by and have a fabulous Monday!

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