Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Step 5

After the Creative Process, this is what I do with my beaded pieces.

Step 5:  Decide what I want to do with my completed design.
1.  Give it away (usually the case when I'm not totally satisfied with the finished product.)
2.  List It on Etsy (if I like the finished piece, that's what I do).

I stink at marketing my products.  I usually do a post on my blog, facebook and twitter.  Then I hope someone will see my stuff and like it. So BIG HUGS to you who have ordered from me and to those who spread the word!!!!   (Most special thanks to SassySashadoxie and Catcalls on Etsy who, despite managing their own shops, have been kind enough to promote my products.)

Now here (step 5, #2) is my Siberian Husky that I recently listed in my shop.  Pattern based on image by Flareheart.

Thank you for stopping by!

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