Friday, June 1, 2012

Randal Would Go!

Sometimes I drive here and there so that my Oahu customers can get their products free of shipping.  Sometimes I need to drive far.  Sometimes not too far.  Most of the times, I get lost.  I think this is a bit humbug for my customers as well for me because we all need to take time out of our day to make this transaction happen and the cost of gas...sheesh!  This is where Randal comes into the picture.

Randal, he's our postman.  Trustworthy, reliable and friendly.  As long as the correct postage is on my package, Randal Would Go and deliver the mail so that it gets to the right person and the correct destination.  Because Randal Would Go without complaint, I will make use of his services.  So...if you make a purchase from my shop, Handmade + Cute on Etsy and you are mailing your parcel to an Oahu address, you get free shipping when you enter coupon code SHIPOAHU upon checkout.

Just so you know, Randal will not deliver packages that are addressed "two houses after the big mango tree after the 'ono smoked aku 4 sale' sign".