Thursday, June 28, 2012

Loving Your Blog...

Loving Your Blog...Love Me Back?

Recently I set up my Google reader so I could regularly visit the blogs that follow me on Google Friend Connect. After all, if you follow me, I should follow you back AND read your blog posts! It took me a while to subscribe to everyone's feed but I did it (hooray!) and now I can visit you whenever you update your blog.  I will need to update my list if you're a new follower, so to give me a helping hand, feel free to leave your blog link if you just got here.

I am also using bloglovin' because I know some of you already use this tool. If you are a bloglovin' user, slowly but surely I will find you.  For those not familiar with this gadget, all I need to do is click the bloglovin' follow button and, automatically (!), I will be notified when your blog is updated.  You can click my button at the end of this post =)  ***Update: If you're following me via bloglovin' and would like me to follow back, please leave me a comment with your blog link.  I realize that I can't return the favor because I don't know who you are.  

Happy hugs to all of you who have visited and commented on my blog posts. I am keeping tabs of your comments.  On the bottom, right hand corner of my page is a section that shows the number of comments that you have made over the past 30 days (a Y! Pipes tool).  I really should do something nice for the person with the most smile points...don't you think so?!

I appreciate your support very much!  I am Loving Your Blog!  Will You Love Me Back?

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