Monday, April 2, 2012

More Duct Taping

Actually, the tape I'm using is the Duck Tape brand and I'm sad to say that I think this will be another addiction.  I'm sad because...when am I going to start doing the laundry?!  I spent last night looking at the different Duck Tape colors and designs.  I'm salivating over the delicious patterns available.

All these sewing projects I wanted to do but never did because I hate taking out my sewing machine and I often spend too much time crawling around the floor looking for dropped pins.  Well, I now have dreams of creating my sewing projects with tape.

Again with my polka dotted tape and aqua tape, the only two colors I have, I made a zippered pencil pouch.  Here it is...

I am so particular about the pattern matching up that I'm thinking, next time, I'll use my husband's silver tape as the base and then cover it up with the patterned tape so I can match up all the dots and hide the "seams".  Maybe soon I will graduate from pencil cases and move on to more detailed work.

Any tips for me?  I'd sure appreciate it.  

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