Sunday, April 1, 2012

Duct Tape Pencil Case

After an adventurous stay on the Big Island of Hawaii, I am now Home Sweet Home!  Sleeping in my own bed and taking a long shower is such a luxury!  Our group traveled from hot Kona to chilly Volcanoes National Park to visit some beautiful and amazing sites.  When I got home and sat down to craft, the first thing I wanted to work on was a duct tape project, not beading.

I was inspired by Sophie's World's Duct Tape Purse and went out to find pretty tape to make a pencil case.  I found a colorful dotted design at Walmart and coordinated it with the turquoise tape that I already had.  The most difficult part was making the duct tape "fabric" with the dotted design because I wanted the dots to match up.  As you can see, I was careful with the outside but not with the inside.

This project was so much fun!   I'm loving this duct tape thing!!

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