Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'm Making a Wish Soon

I'm making a wish soon.  

According to Native American legend, when you give a butterfly its freedom, your wish will be taken to heaven and granted.

I was mindful of this beautiful moment, as I waited for the butterfly to emerge from it's translucent chrysalis.  I felt the cool, damp morning breeze on my face and soaked up the tiny rays of sunshine that was beginning to peek through the morning sky.  I waited, patiently, so I wouldn't miss this amazing experience of a caterpillar now journeying into life in a new form as a gorgeous butterfly.


I finished up my coffee and the morning paper in front of the butterfly "habitat" (that I'm babysitting for a friend on vacation). I was impatient and fidgety but didn't want to miss the moment.  "Hurry Up!" I said.  "I've got things to do...busy, busy day!"  Then, "You've got 5 more minutes or you're doing this alone!"  Within that 5 minutes, I noticed a wiggle and quickly after that, here is what I saw.

Pretty isn't it?!  I am so glad that I waited (patiently).  

"Thank You Butterfly", I said.  "Let me know when you are ready to fly."

p.s. Our butterfly fascination all started after a visit to Dancetta's White Monarchs of Hawaii.

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