Monday, March 12, 2012

DIY Duct Tape Feather Bookmark

I saw a really fun duct tape feather earring project that I wanted try.

Unfortunately I'm not cool enough to wear these trendy earrings so I decided to make duct tape feather bookmarks instead.

Here is how I did it:

My supplies:  Duct Tape, Beads, Scissors, Hemp Twine (approx. 18") and Glue.  I didn't use the needle. Instead I used glue to stiffen one end of my hemp twine to help me string my beads.

1.  I knotted the end (that was not glued) and added a bead.

2.  I place the twine on a piece of tape measuring about 4" or so.  This will be the spine of the feather.

3.  Fold the tape over the twine.

4.  Cut into a feather shape and create a fringe.

5.  Add beads.

6.  Cut another piece of tape, about 4", and fold it over.

7.  Shape, cut fringes then poke a hole at the top of your feather and thread it on the twine to fit snugly against the first feather.  Add more beads and knot to keep beads in place.

8.  At the other end of the twine, tie a knot about "3-4 inches in and add beads.  Cut another piece of tape and fold it over just like you did in step 3.

9.  Once again, shape and cut fringes.  Then, add a bead to the bottom of your feather and knot to keep bead in place. Trim excess twine.

10.  Here is the finished Duct Tape Feather Bookmark.
You can add glue to the knots to secure it if you like.

Now you can read a good book and mark your spot so you don't lose your page.  What are you reading right now?

Thanks for visiting.  I hope you try this simple and fun project!
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