Friday, February 3, 2012

Friendship Friday: nom! nom! nom!

I am pleased to introduce some cute, fabulous finds from Team nom! nom! nom! on Etsy.

Fashon Keyfobs Wristlets by Meghan Mary, Etsy

Meghan Mary created these functional (and pretty!)  Keyfob Wristlets that you can carry in your purse for quick and easy access to your keys.  Look at all of the colorful designs that you can choose from!

Kawaii Onigiri Plush by ChibiLolita, Etsy

This Kawaii Onigiri plushie is made by ChibiLolita. It is made from white and green felt and hand sewn with lots of love...nom! nom! nom! indeed!  ChibiLolita is offering you a very special February deal!  Enter coupon code LOVE20 at checkout and you will enjoy a 20% discount off any item during the whole month of February.  Start shopping at ChibiLolita. 
Hello Kitty Nerd Glasses by Belle's Fantasy Shop, Etsy

Have some fun with these Hello Kitty Nerd Glasses creatively crafted by Belle's Fantasy Shop.  Perfect for any HK fan!
Visit these great shops and for more cute fun!
Thanks for visiting and happy Aloha Friday!

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