Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hawaiian Christmas Treasury

 Numbah One Day of Christmas (The 12 Days of Christmas local style)
 - by Eaton B. Magoon Jr., Edward Kenny, Gordon N. Phelps

My Tutu gave to me...

Numbah One Day:  One Mynah bird in one papaya tree
Numbah Two Day:  Two coconuts
Numbah Tree Day:  Tree dried squid
Numbah Foah Day:  Foah flowah lei
Numbah Five Day:  Five beeg fat peeg
Numbah Six Day:  Seex hula lesson
Numbah Seven Day:  Seven shrimp-a-swimmin'
Numbah Eight Day:  Eight ukulele
Numbah Nine Day:  Nine pound of poi
Numbah Ten Day:  Ten can of beer
Numbah Eleven Day:  Eleven missionary
Numbah Twelve Day:  Twelve television!

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