Thursday, November 3, 2011

Zebra Bookmark

How do your bookmark your pages?  No, I'm not talking about clicking your "favorites" tab on your computer.  I'm talking about good, old fashioned books.

Let's see...I use gum wrappers, merchandise tags, scrap pieces of paper and business cards are good too.  I hate to dog-ear my book page, but yes, I admit to doing that also.

Because I love to read, I decided that bookmarkers would be a good thing to make and hopefully others will find a use for them also. is my first listing for a better way to enable readers to keep their place in a book when "go to last page read" is not available or a click of a computer key won't do it.

This is a beadwoven, seed bead zebra.  Made with Toho seed beads in size 11.  These are two pieces that dangle from a silver plated shephard's hook bookmark.  Great for paperback books.

Available on Handmade + Cute, Etsy.