Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A List of Do-Gooders on Etsy

These Etsy sellers are in the giving spirit and selling their beautiful hard work for $0.20 (the cost of listing an item) and shipping.  For their good deed, all they ask it that you "Pay It Forward" or pass on an act of kindness to someone else and that's exactly what we need for a special holiday season.

*Blue Felt Dog Eyeglasses Cell Phone Case by lillah 
A printed dog and bones all over of this double layer felt case, which will keep your eyeglasses or sunglass or even your i-pod snug and scratch-free.

*Journal Swirl Flower Notebook Set of 4 by Red Curry Designs
Great for travel notes, party or wedding favors, promotional giveaways, jotting down notes, gifts, purses, cars, ect.

*Seed Bombs by handycrap
You take a seed bomb and toss it somewhere earthy (preferably somewhere that could use a little life added to it). As weather and nature work their magic, the clay on the seed bomb will wear down and mix with soil, allowing the seeds to get a chance to grow.

*White Pearl Earrings by pleasurearts
Lovely glass pearls earrings in white, very pretty and dainty.

*Seal Pup Earrings by Handmade + Cute (that's me)
Adorably cute Seal Pup beaded earrings that are lightweight and great for everyday use.  Handwoven with tiny size 11 Japanese seed beads.

Seal Pup Earrings

For more wonderful products at amazing savings, search PIF or Pay It Forward on Etsy.