Friday, November 11, 2011

Friendship Friday with the Creative, Helpful, Social, Inspirational, Unique and Beautiful People

I cautiously entered into the world of Google+ and I'm glad I did because I've found some creative, helpful, social, inspirational, unique and beautiful people there.  I would like to say "Thank You!" to those who have made me  a part of your circle and have caused me to check my Google+ page everyday day to see what interesting things you have to share.

* Craft Blog Craft Blog Directory, blog tutorials, social media and reviews
* Oakdale Studios Gold plated Acorns from the Heart of The Sherwood Forest
* Melissa Kurtz Crafts
* SocialMoms Network SocialMoms helps social media moms, bloggers, and influential women...
* Ms. Veronica's Handmade Creative expressions, handmade through paper and fabric while treading lightly on Mother Earth.
* Parenting Extra Creative ideas for Parents. Especially snarky ones :)
* Pretty Jewerly Things Store Today's fashion designer signed and vintage jewelry

Go check out these excellent pages and visit their website too.  While you're there, please visit me too.

Have a great day!