Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Candy Tin Bead Organizer

My newest way to keep my beads organized for beading projects.  Candy tins!  The cuter, the better!  Rather than leaving loose beads on my table while I take a break, I stack the shaped felt pads into the tin with the beads sitting so cozily and organized on its own bed.  I can stack about 3 layers in the Hello Kitty tin.  When I'm ready to bead again, I simply roll out the felt pad (like a jelly roll) then unroll it on my workspace.

  • Cut the beading felt into the shape of the container using the tin as a template.  The felt must fit snugly into the tin to stop the beads from slipping through the sides. 
When traveling with my bead tin, I "seal" the beads in place by placing an extra felt shape on top to stop the beads from visiting it's neighbors.

No more bead mess until the kids realize that their Hello Kitty candy tins are missing.