Thursday, November 18, 2010

More Etsy Journey-ing

Thank you everyone who entered my first giveaway contest.  Eclairre (cute name) was announced the winner and she has already received her prize - the spiral rope bracelet.  I'm happy to say that Eclairre emailed me to say that she is very pleased with her prize.  

The contest was a lot of fun and it did bring more visitors to my blog and shop.  I think having my post featured on the Etsy Giveaways and By Hand Giveaways blogs helped to get the word out.  I was shivering in my seat thinking I would not get any contest participants but I am happy with the 9 entries I did receive.  

Here are my questions about this experience:  
  • Why did I get visitors to my post yet the visitor chose not to enter the contest when winning was sooo easy?
    • Is it because my product is undesirable?
    • Is it too much work to enter? (but then other sites using the same entry methods get tons of  entries.)
    • Is it a security/privacy issue?
    • Some other reason?
If you have any thoughts/answers/advice for me, I'd love to hear from you.  Think I'll go work on a bracelet now.  Here is my latest on Etsy.

Spiral Rope Bracelet, Turquoise/Black