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Friday, March 15, 2013

I Love Your Smile!

Google Reader is dying. It's shutting down. Up on my bookmark bar is the "Next" button that I press whenever I have time to do some pleasure reading. Clicking "Next" unclogs my email inbox because it replaces the "follow by email" option and allows me to get my blog fix in an instant. Sigh...I guess I need to keep up with the times. How do you keep you keep connected to your favorite blogs?

Here are a few of the special blogs that appear on my reading list. I love these bloggers because each post brings a smile to my day.

I Love Your Smile!


*ChatterBlossom {Jamie}
*2 just B you {Kim}
*thistlebear {Jennifer}

For a smile, please click on these links =)

Have a great weekend!

"I LOVE YOUR SMILE" list : Comments are tallied each week by one of those fancy-schmancy blog apps (on the side bar) and on Fridays, I link up to the top 5 commentators. Although I don't list everyone, I do appreciate all of you so thank you, thank you everyone for your support. I hope you leave a comment and come back soon!


  1. Hi Jayne, thank you so much for linking to me today. That was so kind of you to do. I appreciate it a lot. I'm glad we connected. :)

  2. hello! i don't think i follow too many blogs to use google reader much. i was without internet this morning but it felt like an eternity. hope you have an exciting weekend planned!

  3. Wink wink Jayne~
    Hope your Friday was awesome..
    Enjoy your wonderful weekend......

  4. Thank you Jayne, dear gal! Also, I personally use Bloglovin'. I never used google reader so I'm not sure how different they are, but I do like Bloglovin'. Have a great weekend! ;-)

  5. I think very good things!
    Hi dear! You have lovely and nice blog! If you want to follow each other let me know I want it so much! But please if yes leave the link of your blog!

  6. Thanks followed you back here (104) and on blogloveng! keep in touch!

  7. I'm glad I found your blog through the blog hop. I love your creations! New follower here!, I give you the link to my blog, if you like my creations I hope you will consider following me.
    Marisa from


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