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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Doing It's Buzzness

The only way I will view a bumblebee up close - through a camera lens.


  1. Oh yes, that would be the only way I would want to view a bumblebee too! =0)
    Great photo.

  2. Oh yes me too, once one flew into my hubby's truck while we were heading into town and it cause me to panic with a big scream...I didn't know where it landed but all I could hear was that bee buzzing in the back of my headrest.... He pulled on the side of the road while traffic was still heavily flowing while I jumped out.... (I think people in their cars thought we were have a domestic fight) LOL! He was in the back of the seat and my brave hubby clubbed him until he was stiff...

  3. I've had a few encounters with bees.

    It's always a good thing not to get too close : )

  4. Good idea! Best to give them their distance. ;-)


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