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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Seed Bead Christmas Designs

My Christmas seed bead designs are up.

From the top left, clockwise, I have...

* Mistletoe earrings (you don't really need to kiss - ewwww)
* A cute watermelon stocking charm (my favorite)
* Wee Christmas tree on silver tone, cable necklace chain
* Festive star earrings
and, in the center,
* Mini Christmas tree charms (the most versatile because you can add it on to a key ring, phone charm, etc.).

These are available on Bead Crumbs, Etsy.

I've sold out on the other Christmas designs, shown below. Perhaps if I have time, I'll be able to make more.

Each year I am surprised at how quickly the holiday season approaches. You would think I'd get used to it - having gone through so many.

Enjoy getting prepared for the Joy of Christmas!

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Folding Instructions for Kraft Gift Box

For those who purchased the Kraft Gift Box from Bead Crumbs, below is a diagram with the instructions for folding the box.

Bead Crumbs Etsy

1. The box will come to you flat or folded in half to save on shipping cost. Pre-fold your box along the scored lines.
2. We will work on the bottom of the box first. The bottom is the larger side without the shop logo stamped on the outside. Place the logo side face down on your work surface so you will be folding up on the blank side.
3. Fold the side with the red star and the corners in. The red star is not on your box but shown here for demonstration purposes only.
4. Fold the sides up and tuck the little tab into the slit opening.
5. We're working on the top of the box now. Fold the side flaps in.
6. To close the box you're going to tuck the side flaps into the box.
7. Tuck the little rounded tab into the little pocket created by the folds.
8. Your box is now finished and quite secure.
9. Remember to include your Bead Crumbs' trinket in the box :) Although the box is ready for gift giving, you can add tissue, ribbons, wrapping paper or your own embellishments to decorate your box even further.

Thanks for stopping by. Please contact me if you have any questions.

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